Who we are

Who are we and why such a site?

africtroc.com is a free service of a computer service provision and telecommunication enterprise, TECACOM LTD, whose head office is in Douala Cameroon. Its web address is www.tecacom.com.

africtroc.com is a commune dynamic initiative made up of young Africans whose objective is to find a solution to the current world economic crisis.

Owing to this, we deemed it necessary to let aside the financial gain, but to try a proposal to our fellow African citizens, an easy way of going into contact with others. To help one another in order to fight this daily crisis which we all know about, team members could share their experience in view of the attainment of this goal.

Each one of us could in a daily bases, base himself on a subject that is becoming cumbersome which could then render great services to others for interesting prices. Even without an apparent value, we could draw a little financial gain out of it while giving a room for this important retraining to our surroundings

Our idea is to put in place a simple, efficient and above all free platform for the exchange of goods.